Shape Shifter

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Select your size and material. Stretched Canvas and Cold Press Fine Art Paper available.  

The only species on this planet in which the male gives birth. Every morning seahorse couples engage in ritualistic dances, twirling for minutes to hours on end to strengthen their romantic bond. Seahorse ladies are lucky - they have nothing to fear when it comes to gestation and child birth. The support is real.


Material Options:
Stretched Canvas: This elegantly textured canvas comes wrapped on a 1.5" deep wooden frame, equipped with a hanging wire and is ready to hang! All canvas prints are coated with a non-yellowing, UV resistant, liquid topcoat for added protection, durability, and print life. Archival Inks.

Cold Press Fine Art Paper: This high quality paper print includes 1" border on top of the print size and would look great with a frame (or some other fun display method)The cold press manufacture of this media provides an elegantly textured finish, enabling rich, deep blacks and an incredibly wide color gamut. Archival Inks.